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Meets April - September on Friday afternoons, 12:30 to 4:30 at Alderley Edge Park

Meets October - March on Friday afternoons, 12:30 to 3:30 at Alderley Edge Festival Hall.

How many members: 30

Max size: 30

Waiting list: yes

Social bowling in a friendly setting every Friday afternoon, outdoors in the summer months and short mat indoors bowling in the winter months. During the outdoor season we play home and away matches against Bramhall U3A, Macclesfield U3A and Alderley Edge Ladies, and round off the season with a bowling fun day.


Our 2016/17 end of season competition at the Festival Hall was won by Anne Procter, holding the ‘Bowls in the Park’ cup, with runner-up Enid Laverty.

Bowling cup


Our 2017 outdoor season has so far included a win (133 to 111) and a loss (102 to 122) against Alderley Edge Ladies, a heavy loss (72 to 154) against Macclesfield U3A and a first win (104 to 83) against Bramhall U3A.  The photo shows both teams, Wilmslow and Bramhall, with the coveted U3A trophy!

Wilmslow and Bramhall teams