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Meetings now back in the URC Church Hall!


Wednesday 8th December 2:30pm

Christmas Event - Steve Price, "Comedy and Magic "





This is the programme for the next few months for our regular monthly meetings - held on the fourth Wednesday of each month.




26th January Steve Shakeshaft “Chester Uncovered”

23rd February Roger Devonside “The Aeroplane Wing-walker”

23rd March T.B.A

27th April Gordon Bartley “Fish, Chips….Little Ships and North Sea Spray”

25th May T.B.A.

22nd June Martin Lloyd “Passport, Assassins, Traitors and Spies”

27th July Bernard Blockett “The Heritage of Gilbert & Sullivan”

24th August

28th September

26th October

23rd November

14th December Steve & Carol Robson “Fools Gold”- Acoustic Music