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Meetings now back in the URC Church Hall!


Wednesday 25th May

Andy Kevan - Cyber Crime “Stop, Think, Protect”


Please note that we will now resume charging £1 per member for attendance at the monthly meeting.




This is the programme for the next few months for our regular monthly meetings - held on the fourth Wednesday of each month.





22nd June Martin Lloyd - “Passport, Assassins, Traitors and Spies”


27th July - Bernard Blockett - “The Heritage of Gilbert & Sullivan”


24th August - Silvertime Legal - “Tax, Care and the New Guy


28th September - Brian Groom - “Northerners: from Ice Age
To Present Day”


26th October - Peter Ashburner - “Antiques”


23rd November - Jim Holmes - “Bowing to Tradition in Japan”


14th December - Christmas party - Steve & Carol Robson - “Fools Gold”- Acoustic Music