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Convenor: Robert Farr

01625 526404



Meets on Wednesday afternoons as determined by transmission schedules and also so as not to clash with U3A monthly talks.

At Convenor’s home

How many members: 12

Max size: 20

Waiting list: no

Members are encouraged to attend opera transmissions from the Metropolitan Opera New York (10 each season) and Royal Opera House, London (5 each season) at cinemas including The Rex at Wilmslow. A list of transmissions is collated and sent before the start of the season in September. When possible, and prior to the transmission, I offer a talk introducing the opera and its composer, illustrated by a film, at my home on a Wednesday afternoon from 1:30pm on a date that does not clash with the U3A monthly talks.

Members have to make their own bookings at the cinema of their choice, in person or on line, most favouring the East Didsbury cinema complex. There are ad hoc liaisons for sharing car transport for those who do not like driving at night. Personal bookings at Didsbury should not be sought before11.30am whilst on a Wednesday's queues are evident.


Opera programme